Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Innovation and Tactics Series: Groupon Wants My Married Friend to Speed Date.

Executive Summary: A light hearted look at the marketing tactics arising out of Groupon. No, I don't mean Groupon...zi. From the Mark Twain Desk of Funny Bones at the Jeffersonian.

Groupon wants my married friend to speed date! Really! Well, technically speaking, my married friend received a groupon for speed dating. I am sure you can see the humor in that. :-)

The smart folks would jump to thinking of this as a marketing, even statistical, error. However, this could well be the Jedi mind trick of the year so far- after the cool VW darth vader superbowl ad.

How? Here are some ideas...
1. Don't your married friends keep setting you up with dates? Duh, right? You would think their persistence factor would beat any email spam marketing tool known to man, or woman.

2. Do you know what the divorce rate in the country is? This could well be a long term, relationship building strategy for a future target audience. Disclaimer: A bright, married friend suggested this when I put this up on Facebook, so don't shoot the messenger.

3. Its an error- my friend would be one of the few, or many, random, in error recipients of the sophisticated, targeted statistical model used for the promotion.

I am pretty sure you have some ideas of your own. What do you think?

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