Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Consumer Electronics Show ( CES 2010 ): The CE Ecosystem and Opportunity I

Executive Summary: A perspective of the ecosystem behind CES 2010, to help you manage the complexity of change it would deliver at your doorstep, and to help YOU find opportunity- for new products, or for expanding the reach of existing products- in this ecosystem.

Introduction: The Who.

Who would be you, a.k.a. the target audience, here?  You are interested in CES 2010 for various reasons. Here a spectrum:
1. The Consumer- "Should I buy that 37 inch 120Mhz 1080p LCD TV in Spring?"
2. The Product Guru- "So what's out there that I should watch out for?"
3. The Marketing Guru- "Mobile ads for my ad dollars?"
4. The Finance Guru- "Productivity for the company dollars?"
5. The IT Guru-"I have cloud on my mind... um... what could this lead to?"

Granted, this is a little bit of overkill for The Consumer, but don't discount the Gadget Gurus among us.

Introduction: The What and The How.

The Consumer Electronics Show / CES 2010 promises to be as exciting as ever.With over 2800 exhibitors and about 20,000 new products, it can be a dizzying experience. You may have a priority list structured by companies, products, target consumers, sectors, etc., to manage the scale, but the complexity can be mind boggling.

Why are we interested in it? In terms of innovation and externalities, the aggregate impact of CES could well be similar to NASA's moon landing effort in the 1960s. (Note to self- research the innovation parallels :-)) Consumer, consumer oriented businesses, and even intra-business and B2B structures may be impacted.

Framework Overview: The How.

Below is an ecosystem view of the players at CES. Industry veterans with broad experience across the consumer and technology space may find this familiar and similar to approaches they have developed over time- for the rest of us, its and interesting tool to snapshot this evolving industry.

The Strata
The picture can be broken down into the following strata:
1. Consumer
2. Applications + Content
3. Platforms
4. Core Infrastructure

So What?
For the snapshot, or even as a first pass, each strata can be structured as a linear ecosystem with its supply chain. The fun begins when you map it out and start seeing the interconnectedness, even a cliched convergence, across the board.
The next "order" of approach would be to note the elements outside the ecosystem. However, that's for later.

Content for an Electric Toothbrush?
Yes. In this case, content is all the MindShareWorks (TM) that goes into getting a consumer to buy and sustain usage of the mighty electric toothbrush.

As Easy As 1-2-3-...?
Yes... and No. You still have to do the hard work to optimize this tool for your objectives. If you are, say, an investment analyst, you still have to put in the hard work to learn and leverage this approach in the sector.

The Strata Attributes
We could use standard market mapping tools like
1. Competitiveness,
2. Number of Market Participants, etc.

The Devil's Advocate
Hello! This reminds me of the Five Forces Framework: Well, hang in there- there is value in getting specific and structuring it this way. The So What? should have sold you on this already.

Stay Tuned! More to come in the mapping.

What do you think... so far?

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