Saturday, March 14, 2009

Panel: Venture Capital: Navigating the Current Landscape

The panel started off, interestingly, examining the fundamentals of venture capital investing. Any potential investment must demonstrate compelling value and a feasible exit strategy. The panelists talked about how returns in venture capital are seen in bursts, and average out over time. One panelist talked about a batch mate in business school (early 1980s), now a leader of a successful universal banking group, who forecasted that the SnP500 returns would be greater than that of the venture capital industry that decade. The batch-mate turned out to be right.

The panelist also talked about some of their areas of investments- mobile computing, video games and personal genomics.

At lunch, Jim Long mentioned how important it is to bootstrap your venture.

Given the Sequoia presentation from 2008, it was interesting to see panelists responding to the crisis with a “return to fundamentals” theme.

What do you think?

The Usual Disclaimer: This is purely a knowledge sharing resource and I have been careful to protect panelist interests. Ethically, context is everything, and I will gladly retract anything that affects the parties mentioned. Call this my mini OpenCourseWare, if you will, where Open signifies life experiences.

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